Over time, many compagnies have made their mark in Quebec's history. Throughout the years, some of them have managed to stand out and reached their goals. Today, these companies are a true source of inspiration and achievement. Proud and perseverant, Prodanse is one of them.

Starting from the bottom, the company has made its place in the industry. Being an important asset for all dancers, a good dance shoes is unfortunately barely recognized. Whether you are at a social, amateur or professional level, dance shoes are the number one tool required for good learning steps.

The birth of Prodanse

The company started in a little apartment in Laval (Quebec), administered by Clement Joly and Anick Laforest (former owners and professional dancers).

One day, Clement and Anik had the opportunity to live their passion, both dance and teach on a professional level. Their dream led them to leave Quebec and the need to find potential buyers for their company. It is at that time that Clement turned to his oldest clients, Josée Levesques family (current owners of Prodanse). Since the whole family danced many hours per week, their three children needed 8 pairs of dance shoes per year.

From the start, it was a true “roller coaster” ride! Former ice skating teacher, Josée Levesques held two jobs at the same time. Both hardworking and persistent, the new owners decided to transform their own garage into a mini store to greed customers.

After 2 years of service at home and a growing number of customers, they decided to expand. Josée left her day job to dedicate herself entirely into their new company. In fact, the whole family takes part in it. Marina Larose, the youngest of the family, is in charge of the design and the search for new products. Stephan Larose, shareholder and vice-president of the company, is responsible of the inventory, supplier relation, marketing and products analysis. Kevin Larose, the eldest child, also a shareholder, is in charge of computer system and networks. Finally, Josée Lévesques dedicates herself to accounting, sales and customer service.

Ahead in the game, Stephan and his sister Marina, developed in 2011 the Prodanse Top Model contest. This competition and new advertising approach has been very popular with customers, dancers and teachers. This competition held a jury that had to choose twelve candidates. New products, such as dance shoes and practise clothes, were then presented by these 12 beautiful girls. At that same event, the family revealed its new banner, logo and launched their own dance shoes line, the brand KSM.

This brand, KSM, becomes the soul of the company. Representing the first letter of the three children, Kevin, Stephan and Marina, the KSM shoe is based on comfort, strength of materials, manufacturing and style.

Prodanse experience

On site, you will find a selection of clothing for your workouts, training and outings. You will find competition or show dresses, for rent or purchase. Also, we have all the items needed for your shoes or costume maintenance; fabrics, Swarovski crystals, etc. But more importantly, you will find a professional salesperson ready to give you the advice and help that you need.

What sets us apart

Our expertise is to find the right shoes for your feet. But what makes us pioneers is our full service of shoe making directly at the store. This service is specialized in custom fit of dance shoes. We can modify, cut, stretch and even change the color of your shoe, for it to be unique and perfect for your feet and needs.

To this day, the company is open 6 days a week and greets you in the greatest simplicity. The Larose and Lévesque family is proud of its achievement and invite you all to discover the Prodanse experience.
« Dance made to measure »
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