Kids shoes

To be eligible for the Child rebate, the child must be 11 years old or under and must fit a shoe size of 5.5 or less.

Customers orders

1) When an order is placed, the customer must pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount. This deposit is not refundable but is exchangeable for any other item in store.
2) Once your order has arrived, Prodanse will contact and advise you by phone. You will then have 6 months to come and claim your order. After the delay of 6 months, your order will be put for sale in store and no refund or exchange will be granted.

Exchange or Refund

If a pair of shoes has not been worn or brushed and does not reach a customer's needs, he or she can request a refund or exchange it for any other item in store. If your purchase has any defect, it will be refund or exchanged if the shoemaker on site cannot fix it.

Set aside

You can put an item aside for a maximum period time of 30 days with a minimum deposit of 50$. After a month, the product will be put back for sale and your deposit won't be refundable.

Clothing rental

1) For any clothing rental, Prodanse reserves the right to take a security deposit with a credit card in case of damage or failure to return the rental. A deposit of 50$ is required to reserve a costume, before finalizing the lease. The total amount of the lease must be paid when you return the rental.
2) The lease is for a period of 4 days. If you exceed this leasing period, an additional fee of 25$ will be charged for each extra day.
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